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  1. That's what I did for the first attempt, but there is a high chance that the part will crack because the walls are so thin. So I was trying to see if there was a way to print with the gap in it.
  2. unfortunately that doesn't help much, I need that gap in the print to key with another part. 😕
  3. Thanks for getting back so soon @burtoogle, Here is a photo of what my slice looks like, you can see the weird travels I have downloaded your version from your dropbox and it gives me a different issue with artifacts lower down... I have also re attached a saved (not exported) version of the project file. Lamp Shade 3.25.3mf
  4. Hi, i'm trying to print a non manifold surface model in surface mode (smooth spiralize) however i have notice that on a few different layers near the top the spiral direction changes, and on other layers near this section the printer moves to a completely random seem point that doesn't line up with anything. this is causing me to have about a 10 layer section that is full of over/under extrusion causing slight holes and imperfections on an otherwise perfect print. I have tried many different settings and read many threads to get to this point, however I cant find anything on why this happens. I have also tried re modeling the object making sure that the normal vectors are all consistent and I am still getting this issue. I have also tried manually setting z seem and wall optimizing and wall flow and many others. I have attached the project file bellow. If you would like to take a look. Problem layer are 9-37 layers from the top (I have the model pulled down to reduce slice time around the problem area) to clarify, this issue was far worse before but I have spend a considerable amount of time trying to perfect this print. I just cant get this last bit. any help would be appreciated! Lamp Shade 3.25.3mf
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