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  1. Thank you very much for everything, I tell you when I open the CURA I don't get the Marlin thing, it could be because I have not added the network printer, but rather, I added the printer. Although it is true that I update the firmware of the printer from CURA.
  2. It does not have Marlin, so it would have to be done from the printer screen, could you tell me how to do it? thanks
  3. Hello, very good, I have a question, I would like to modify the temperature and flow in an Ultimaker 2+ extended to use another type of filament, it would be possible, I have tried it in CURA and it does not let me, thanks
  4. I changed all the tube and the necklace you tell me and it keeps coming out
  5. Hello, very good, I would like to ask if someone who has an Ultimaker S2 + or Ultimaker S2 + extended, has it happened that during a long printing the Bowden tube has come out and the impression has been damaged and what solution did you give me, thank you I am using the Smart materials material, the normal PETG, and it has come out several times, I have changed the bowden tube and the extruder fitting (it always comes out through the extruder part) and nothing remains the same the tube continues to come out , I have wasted 2 impressions of 19 hours, in about half my tube came out. than
  6. Hola muy buenas tardes en el empresa donde trabajo han adquirido una Ultimaker S2 + extender, y he hecho algunasas piezas de calibración , pero al hacer el cubo de calibración , las medidas en la pieza para los ejes x e y me salen correctas pero para el eje z me sale más bajas de lo que debería, cómo se pueden calibrar los pasos del motor del eje z gracias
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