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  1. Thanks for the input! There really are a lot of parameters to try and fiddle around with - just on the software side. I am interested to see how it all plays out once 'the rubber meets the road'. I already have some familiarity with G-Code, post-processing, and numerically controlled machines from work, but I am yet to see how and if I can utilize it for home 3D-Printing. I was also intending on trying different designs on a simpler part at first. I was just playing around trying to learn about 3D-Design and wondered why it sliced differently from my initial expectations. Which
  2. Thank you for the input! Actually, I am not really worried about food safety. As technically I won't be cutting cookies; my wife will use it for her arts and crafts. I do appreciate the input though! I will be experimenting around with a few different designs, such as single walled and non-tapered walls. I am intrigued to see how they will hold up. To be quite honest, I do not even have a printer yet. It should be here next week. So I am just trying to get ahead of the game a little bit! The input you all gave me will definitely help me, as I am learning more about the con
  3. Thank you very much! This absolutely makes sense and after playing around with nozzle size, I see what happened here. I will invest some time into learning how all the parameters affect layers and consequently G-Code creation. If I was to run the print as described on my original post, but deleted the G-Code for the overshot layers, do you think things will still work out? Or will I likely have pockets on the inner side of the angles? Just asking out of curiosity - this doesn't really go towards my initial problem. I might as well just give it a try and learn from
  4. Thank you for the quick reply, Labern! To answer your question: Yes, these walls are all tapered. It's supposed to be a cookie cutter. So the thin edges are thought of as cutting edges. Between the lines I read that my taper might be to steep? Is there a setting within Cura to adjust how tapered edges are to be treated, or should I adjust my model? Thank you!
  5. Hey! I am fairly new to all of this. However, I created a 3D-Model and am seeing some peaks on top of sharp edges on the upper layers of my model. The peaks do not exist on the actual model. I am sure that there is something I am getting wrong. To add some additional background, I am using Cura 4.6.2, which should be the latest version. I also added a slight chamfer (0.2mm) to the vertical edges, from which the peaks seem to extend. It did not fix the issue though. I attached a screenshot of both, the model and the sliced layers. I also tossed th
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