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  1. Hello all, when I updated to Cura 4.9 I lost all of my custom profiles. I was trying to get a hold of the gcode of parts printed with those profiles to see if I could figure out what changes i had. Is there a way to retrieve the gcode or umf files of objects in the recently printed section of the digital factory? If not can anyone think of any other ways I can retrieve the gcode? I was stupid enough to never save the gcodes I always used the print over network feature.
  2. It does seem a little yellow is that not normal? Im sorry I’m not quite sure what you mean by attractions. It doesn’t have trouble sticking to the other filament but I’m rarely able to see that cause issues come up in the first couple layers. Yes the warning sticker is facing up in this print but I have run it upside down before. Is there a difference? If there is I should probably stop doing that. Thank you so much for your reply.
  3. Hey all, I’ve been trying to get a successful print with pva for a while now and I just can’t seem to. Recently I’ve been having troubles getting the first layer down. The brim went down good but when it came time to print the inside support it would not extrude or stick correctly. Can anyone tell me what is causing this bad first layer?? This is a fresh roll of pva just opened this morning and stored in the Ultimaker material station so it shouldn’t have gone bad.
  4. Hey all, I recently got an Ultimaker S5 and have been trying to print this specific part as perfectly as possible. This specific print does have about a 60 degree overhang and because of that I have been printing it using pva support. This is my first dual extrusion printer so I do not have any experience using pva. This is where my problem arises. I don't know if it is happening when the print head comes from the prime tower to the print or the other way around, but there are very definite "skin tags" in the direction of the prime tower. I have included a photo so you all can see what I mean.
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