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  1. yes, that did it. I guess I forgot to change nozzles when I changed from ova to breakaway.. Thx J
  2. I am currently using Ultimaker tough PLA, and Ultimaker breakaway. When I went back to the previous version, everything is fine. I'll just stay on this version, It doesn't feel worthwhile to update when if I lose functionality by doing so. J
  3. I have managed to reinstall the previous version and get the profiles back, but when I install 4.7 they dissappear. I guess I'll just stay with 4.6.2 till I understand how to do the update without losing the profiles. J
  4. Hi, I updated to Ultimaker Cura 4.7 on a mac today. Using an S3. The intent profiles are all gone, I have one unsupported profile, and cannot load any default profiles. How the heck do I get this back? Thx J
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