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  1. Thanks, I guess it gets more complicated with having a Delta printer, as there steps/mm is not a single stepper motor thing, but a combination of them all...
  2. Hello guys, I have recently realised the X - Y dimensions are off. Something that should have been 170mm is in reality 172mm (on the bed) when measured. How can I calibrate my printer so it corrects this?
  3. Hello guys! I upgraded yesterday to Cura 4.7 and noticed the head movement to the plate is extremely slow, leading to other problems (oozing and the inability to remove it all before it hits the plate and then this oozed material getting in the way) Went and checked the Gcode and noticed that while previously the movement from home to the bed was (in V4.6.2): G0 F3600 X34.252 Y-31.8 Z0.3 And now in V4.7 it places an extra line before that one: G1 F600 Z1.3 <----- G0 F3600 X-33.858 Y-32.05 Z1.3 (coordinates ar
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