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  1. hello everybody! I dont know if I'm too new to this new version, but I didnt find the "support line distance" property at the support blocker menu. I only wanted to create a strong support in one section of the print. how to do it?
  2. hi everybody I'm using a geeetech I3 and cura 4.7 simply can't print right. the 0 of the XY axis has a lot of offset, so the printer acts like I sliced the object out of boundaries of my bed. Besides, everytime I open Cura, it asks me to add a new printer. If I add another printer in order to enter to the prepare section, then I realize that the printer previous installed is gone ¬¬. Not to mention that when you manually change the Z scale of an object it's the Y scale that changes....kkkkkkk this 4.7 version has far more bugs than any of the pri
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