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  1. Thank you, I changed the initial layer height to 0.1 and it seem to got rid of the line
  2. Hello, i have ender 3 and I use cura for setting. So I been printing my cutters using satin Pla, and the quality is pretty good especially the outer wall but not so much the inner wall. I tried changing printing speed, and i still dont know how to remove this line, I hope you can help me. I dont know if you can see in the picture but there is a line inside, please can you help me, thank you.
  3. I was playing around with the settings and now i dont have 6 lines, I have about 12 lines. I dont even know how this happened. For the blue cutter, I brought it from someone. I guess she had a bigger nozzle size. I am not sure because she has a shop and she dont give out any info about her process. Her cutter is very high quality. I am not sure if my ender 3 can produce the same quality.
  4. Thank you 😀 thats a good idea, I like my setting so far, my prints are really nice, its just this part I want to improve, hopefully get it right. I will test it out.
  5. Thanks very much for your help 🙂 very clear, i will try edit the line width. im not sure if my bed level causing the line problem because it was from the raft that i added. But i will see if changing the line width will make difference.
  6. Thanks for your help, I want to know how I can have less lines, I want 3 but i get about 8 lines
  7. Im sorry if this is considered a dumb question but i hope you can still help me. I want to know how to have lines like the blue model beside the cutter i made of the zigzag lines? I hope you can help me, thank you in advance 🙂 i use cura and ender 3
  8. Hello, please can someone help me. I am using cura for my ender 3 pro. My nozzle is 0.4 so i use that as my layer width, i been looking at youtube and trying to figure out the problem but i still dont know what my problem is. basically, my print prints really smoothly with a 0.12 layer height and 0.12 layer width and 0.4 . but when it prints up to the top it starts to create a squiggle line. I do not know why. Please can someone help me solve my problem. I did alot of experiments and i still don’t have the solution.
  9. Thanks for the idea, i tried change to concentric it managed to smooth the line but the corner are still squiggle how can i change this? Thank you.
  10. Hello, Im using Cura for my Ender 3 Pro, and I really like my setting so far, but there is only 1 problem and I do not know how to have straight smooth end to the outer ring. It creates a squiggle line but I want a straight Smooth end. Please can you help me. I don’t even know the name to call it, I hope you can help me, thank you.
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