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  1. version 4.8 beta is supposed to solve the problem but it does not, continue with the problems of the artifice in curves
  2. With 4.8 beta version the Artifact in curves not was removed, with Artillery X1 and the some settings and profile, the 3dbenchy have artifact in curves with a lot of grains. Artifact removal in curves. Fixed an issue that left tiny artifacts in certain curves, causing the print head to slow down. This results in smoother print surfaces when printing such curves. Regards
  3. With this beta .3mf file take 21 minutes more than identical settings in version 4.6.2 so the process to print is more slowly with 4.8 Regards
  4. As additional information, the 3dbenchy printed with 4.7.1 of my fist post one was printed with Artillery X1 with profile of CR10 and other with profile FFF, both with identical result. Regards
  5. Hello, I was using the latest version of Cura since the summer and my printed pieces came out with dots or bubbles and roughness that I was not able to eliminate. My printed 3dbenchys was going very badly as never before until a Telegram group told me that this was happening with versions 4.7.x of Cura and that with 4.6 did not happen, so I installed the latest version of 4.6, 4.6.2 and effectively solved the problem without changing anything else. I don't know if they had news of this I would appreciate it being resolved and letting you know when it is reso
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