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  1. Pretty well lost all faith now One month in and: Machine still continues to be a rubbish, and that's as polite as I can go right now. Error after error. Connecting to the network seems major source of the problems. Disconnected from the network, errors are more intermittent but there is always one. Never done more than two consecutive prints without an error of some sort. Continues to fail at finishing screen. Requiring switching off and on again. End of spool material change took three goes to get it to work. Not at all confident that's going
  2. Understood. I'm keeping the faith for now as I know only too well the issues introducing and supporting new products.
  3. Hi @SandervG, Just forwarded the log files as requested. Fingers crossed, but @Jman15x has me even more worried!
  4. On the 19th October while you were writing this I was installing my new S5 Pro bundle. I'm sitting here waiting a response from my reseller for a raft of issues that means three prints in I'm stopped and the machine just doesn't work. Seems to hang up at the end of the print and never completes the 'finishing' phase. No error messages. Only way to get it to do anything is switch it off and back on again. This is the sequence of actions since installing the machine: New machine purchased and installed 19/10/2020 Firmware updated via wifi to 5.8.2. Trial print
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