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  1. Ok, i'll try these codes, i've also updated the firmware because apparently the firmware on my printer was 7-8 years old. And I ive now found out that it does use smoothie gcode flavor. Thanks for the help
  2. Btw, i thought the printer used repetier firmware but apparently tevo says it uses rep rap, but it has a smoothie board, im confused
  3. Ok, ive had a look at it lately, and im now trying to get the print to pause through a g code pause in the file (like what pause at height is doing). Although im using prusa slicer which lets me insert any gcode i want before a new layer starts, but i've tried to do all the pause commands i know (M25, M600 and M226), but none of them have worked, do you guys know any other pause commands??
  4. Yeah OK, but i looked into the g code using repetier and i noticed that after the pause command, it returns to the same position using a g1 and g92 code, or will the smoothie board override that probably?
  5. I am trying to print face plate for my flight simulator that requires using white filament as the plate itself and black for the writing, so i try using the pause at height post processing command in cura to be able to stop at the height of which the writing starts. But i am using a giant delta printer and i'd rather get it to go to home position when it pauses instead of going to a set position by the user. I have tried changing the position but it decides to go far to the top right of the bed and it has broke the belts. Is there a way to get it to go to home when paused??? Printe
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