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  1. Hello, I'm opening this thread to hopefully solve my issue with the quality of my prints and specifically the one that has been going for a bit over 2 days and still going for 1 and a half. My print have these vertical lines on the side which given the print time I refuse to accept.

    I'm printing with PLA 2.85mm from Filamentum
    The main settings are as follows:
    layer height: 0.2mm

    infill: 20% grid with NO infill before walls 

    build volume temp: 30C
    print temp: 200C
    Flow: 99%
    speed: 35mm/s
    print accel.:3500mm/s2
    jerk: 20mm/s

    If you are interested in anything else please leave a comment

    The first image was taken yesterday, the second today a few minutes ago. They are the same print.
    I'd appreciate any help or guidance to improve overall quality and to put an end to these lines. Note that the print is 2 parts of a Möbius slip, so  the surface changes shape with every layer in every direction.
    Thanks in advance!




  2. I print in this case with freshly opened PLA 

    And as far as the last question goes my axis should be perpendicular, I tried the method you suggested and later tried to do a print test for it, it came out all fine 


    Note that I don't expect the theoretical, perfect quality with no lines on an in all directions constantly curved surface like this, however I'd really appreciate any suggestions about settings, vibrations, etc. to make these prints a bit better as I'm talking about 35mm/s speed and almost 4 days of printing to achieve the best possible results.

    Thank you so much for all the help I've gotten so far, without which I'd be probably completely lost, I'm hoping one day with more experience I can give back to people with similar issues in a yet unknown/unexperienced topic.


  3. The friction is a bit worse, and I've noticed a few scratched lines on the x-axis (I'll attach a pic)... faulty bearing?...

    The sound is definitely from the back short belt I checked many times and drove myself crazy doing it. It's not that bad with the air manager I have on.

    One more question (probably a least difficult one to solve) I have is with the quality while we are here. I have an almost 4 day print going on for a bit more than a day now, printing with

    0.2 layers, (0.4 core)

    20% grid,

    30C build volume temp,

    200C print temp,

    35mm/s speed and 3500mm/s2 acceleration,

    20mm/s jerk,

    99% flow,

    NOT infill before walls

    and get these lines on the wall (I'll attach a pic here as well) 



  4. Thank you once again for the help, I'll just accept the inside stringing as it does not matter for structure or even the finish. But it is good to know that I could change that in the future!
    The tension should be now the same on both short belts, I definitely will check the perpendicularity and report the results!
    Thank you:)

  5. And as I'm new to Ultimaker lastly I was wondering what settings you guys use for PLA. It is my most common material and I print huge parts with it and had problems when using the fast draft preset. After lowering the speed to 50mm/s with a 0.2 layer height everything looks much better, I still get disgusting stringing inside between the infill pattern. 
    Also when changing an empty filament to the next one often I experience a big shift between the last printed layer and the one with the new filament (both being the same type ofc).
    I'd really appreciate some help with printing quality, as I print bigger models often with rather simple geometry and still have this issue.


  6. Also the lubricating part was never the problem, I keep the threaded part of the z-axis with the included PTFE cream and everything else with PTFE spray well but not overlubricated. I really don't think this could be an issue as this was the first thing I checked. 
    Once again, thanks for the suggestions.
    My remaining question is still how taking the stepper out and putting the belt back on could possibly help (it somehow did) and why one axis is harder to move by hand than the other?



  7. Hi, many thanks for the suggestions!
    I decided to take down the plastic panel covering the stepper motor and the motor for moving the filament on the right side. I took out the stepper motor (upper motor) and looked for any clues. Indeed, as gr5 mentioned, there was some black dust from the belt on the plastic adapter that connects the motor to the back plastic panel. I cleaned it and then tried to put it back together making sure the belt lines up with the teeth on both ends (maybe this was the problem originally?)
    It seems to have gotten way quieter, I don't hear the squeaking noise now.
    While playing around with the printer I noticed one more thing: It is easier to move by hand on the y than on the x axis. Is this because the axis is thicker meaning more surface area and more friction?

  8. Hi,


    I've had my UMS5 for about a month now and recently I started hearing noises during printing. 

    The printer is almost running every day and the noises started about a week ago. I keep the axis well lbricated and still there is this grinding noise that gets worse when the printer has been already working a couple hours. 

    I can only hear it when there is a movement on the X-axis to the left and it sound like it comes from the stepper motor in the back right side of the printer.

    I haven't noticed any change in the print quality but it really makes me nervous when using the pinter. 

    Did anyone have a similar experience with an UMS5 or any idea what the problem might be or how to diagnose it? I've tried moving the printer by hand when turned off and there was no noise besides a small squeaking noise from the belts.

    The only difference I noticed is how hot the steppers are, I can barely touch them for a second. 

  9. Hi, I have a problem with my brand new S5 printer: I loaded both filaments, put the glass bed inside and also two extruders.


    I just turned on my printer for the first time 10 minutes ago, the screen says Ultimaker S3 without anything happening, however it is an S5 model.


    Could you help me with my issue?

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