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  1. This is a follow-up to my last post when I was having difficulty getting Cura 4.8.0 to connect over USB to my ANET A8 printer. Great news. I got Cura working, thanks to an excellent YouTube video. It was short and directly to the point, with complete instructions for fixing it. The video is "How to fix Cura or Slicer Not CONNECTING to 3D Printer Creality Ender 3?" by Joseph-Israel.Turns out that Cura doesn't allow long enough for the Marlin FW to initializeon the ANET A8 8-bit board. The following modification will tune Cura to wait longerto connect after it reboots the pr
  2. I have an ANeT A8 and it works fine over USB using MatterControl. I installed CURA 4.8.0, but it is not seeing the printer over USB. I checked the Installed section of Marketplace and USB is installed, yet it still does not see the printer. I'd like to get this working because it is an excellent way to manually control the printer from the PC without the added complexity of something like OctoPrint. Anyone know how I can get this working?
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