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  1. I used two layers. I found it very interesting how the first attempt turned out since the holes were almost melted together. My bed was not leveled as correctly as I thought. I put it down a little and then it looked perfect. I think many people have problems finding the perfect bed-to-nozzle distance, this could be a good way to find it!
  2. I want to create a mesh structure where each wall ist just one line of filament. I can't really figure out how to do that in Cura, since it always does two lines per wall. I created the mesh in Fusion360, where each wall is 0.4mm wide (like my nozzle and line width setting in Cura) and 0.2mm high (like my layer height in cura). I wonder why it always wants to make two lines out of it instead of one? Have I overseen the right setting? I already played around with all the settings shown in the screenshot
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