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  1. The funny thing is , I accidentally got it working 1 week ago. I don't know how. The problem was, Only 1 extruder was operating. Had to re-config. hence the present delima. Thanks for helping or just listening.
  2. Yes I have checked and double checked connections. It came idiot proof so I couldn't mix up the wires. I mixed the rails and had to rebuild but that's on me. I have 4 extruders which are all working fine along with heating of the filaments. This is a head scratcher. |Still working on it. Z9-main.zip
  3. Don't want to flash the firmware. I am not sure how to correct my x,y and z axises from trying to home in the opposite directions. Any ideas of how to correct this?
  4. Thanks or your response. better than I got from Cura. They just bot me a standard response that I should contact the mfg. I do have all the required updated cfg, hex and .frm to setup this machine. I did figure out how to add this machine to cura's machine choices. I am now looking to use github upload tool to load new settings through arduino. wish me luck.
  5. Does anyone know why the settings for zonestat printer not show up on choices to add printer? Printer is a z9m4 model.
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