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  1. Done. 😀 Hope it will help everybody. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3581913
  2. Thanks for all you replies ! Design is not from me, I found it on thingiverse. Height is not an issue so it fix the issue after move the Z little down I can now see correct brim over the piece Will pm the designer to avoid any other people to do same error, to print it straight forward (without move z down first). Which slicer did you use ? I personally prefer cura but also tried prusa slicer.
  3. Youre absolutely right, I realized that after rotate. I prefer having an issue with the stl file ratrher than with cura. Is there a way to fix it ? I mean, except move the Z to -0.2 ? Many thanks
  4. Hello, thanks for you quick feedback. Please find attach the 3mf file. width is good (Y axle) length is bad (X axle) CE3_Resource and Animal holder.3mf
  5. Hello friends, I have noticed an issue when trying to print a part with 18cm size on my Ender 3. When printing gcode generated from cura 4.8.0 slicer it it is reduced to approx. 15cm. I don't understand why this is hapenning, Had to use PrusaSlicer to print this stl file to keep good size. I allready tried other older version of Cura with no luck, same issue reoccurs. Please find issue in screenshot, skirt is representative of final size. Any help will be great.
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