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  1. reloaded cura but as soon as i put my profiles in it goes back to same problem so must have pressed something or got an add on affecting it
  2. It was working on mine as well i going to have to uninstall cura then reinstall it i think
  3. Yes as i said my printer is not the problem it is the display box in cura that shows how much material will be used the cost and estimated time but until sunday this was fine how do i check if the plugin is active i have checked marketplace and settings cant see anything Thanks for trying to help
  4. I had been playing with the acceleration and jerk settings to get my time more accurate which i did manage to get very close if a print said 5hrs 15 mins i got about 10 mins faster than estimated time it was saying hours and mins for at least 6 prints without altering anything it started estimating like i said 106.56mins this is what i don't understand as the way it shows now does not interpret into anything.
  5. Hi all Yesterday i was slicing a model and my estimated time for print went from Hours and Mins to Eg. 102.35mins which dont convert to anything really Anyone got any ideas how to reset it
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