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  1. Thank you for your help. I have no idea even looking at the log as to what is really going on. I see the warnings but they don't explain much. I am hoping I do this right. I copied the log and I am going to paste it here. I hope it gives us the answer. Here it is.2021-02-06 09:33:20,674 - INFO - [MainThread] UM.Logger.info [122]: Loaded plugin FileLogger 2021-02-06 09:33:20,696 - INFO - [MainThread] UM.Logger.info [122]: Loaded plugin FirmwareUpdateChecker 2021-02-06 09:33:20,711 - INFO - [MainThread] UM.Logger.info [122]: Loaded plugin FirmwareUpdater 2021-02-06 09:33:20,724 - INFO - [M
  2. Cura 4.8 downloaded and installed. That is about all it did. Upon execution the program started did the welcome lets get started spiel and then promptly shut down. Thats all I got. I did catch a glimpse of the address bar saying cura was not responding just as the shutdown happens. Is this going to be fixed anytime soon or is there a working stable version I should be useing since 4.7 was kind of buggy as well. Which is the safest version to use? Bells and whistles are not important. The finished slice is whats important. Thank you for your time.
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