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  1. Thanks @GregValiant for the idea. Even if the offsetting does something unusual, like creating a spline, the outside of the model is formed from the original ellipse, and yet it is having the same problem when I slice it. Here is the 3mf file. I hope someone can figure it out! Just please note that I had to use an add-in to export it as a 3mf, and that add-in can only export with poor quality and at a 1:10 scale. I've also included an stl (medium refinement, and to scale) in case that helps. Thanks for the quick replies! CamperForHelp.3mf CamperForHelp.stl
  2. Thanks @gr5 and @GregValiant! Some updates: to eliminate issues the thin walls might be causing, I exported just the problem section and scaled it up 300% in Cura. I tried both of the Cure versions gr5 recommended. The Alpha wouldn't slice it at all. The burtoogle version was every so slightly better, but still pretty bad. I also tried exporting it at different resolutions. In the pics, the top is medium resolution, and the bottom is low. I have the maximum deviation at 0.5, but that's actually what the default was on my profile (Anycubic Mega-S printer). I
  3. Thanks for the reply! 1) I did print it, and unfortunately it was just as rough as what the preview showed. 2) I didn't watch the printing, but I'll try another print and keep my eye on it. I increased the number of polygons and it still had the same rough surface... I didn't think about reducing them. 3) I'll try both versions and see what they can do. Thanks a lot! Hopefully, I'll have a promising follow-up post soon!
  4. Hello, I am slicing an stl file exported from Fusion 360, but when I do so, a smooth curve is sliced into an uneven, rough shape (see attached). Does anyone know why this is happening, or, more importantly, how to fix it? Thanks for the help!
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