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  1. Hi All, I am new in 3D printer and g code. I have a model. I know how to use the model to generate g-code in cura. The model is cylinder. I would like to generate a g-code that use g2/g3 g code. is it possible ? When I try to slice, CURA can generate g-code with G1 command. But I do not know how to generate g-code by g2/g3 command. the model is like below
  2. Hi, I can do slice If I add a printer and modify the configuration about size of X, Y, Z .
  3. Hi, Thanks for input! When I set Z a value, I can do slice and save to a gcode file . But I see a model error. is it correct? And in advance, I have another question about how to generate g-code for the purpose: 1. if I would like to do multiple circle with the same one. It means the printer repeat draw the same circle. 2. is it possible to set the direction when the printer draw a circle ? Clockwise or Counterclockwise
  4. Hi All, I have a .png image that is a circle only. Is it possible to use cura to generate g-code that does not have Z depth? I just like to convert image (circle track) to g-code, such that I can input for printer to do circle print only.
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