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  1. Can you actually make the eraser cube smaller ?
  2. Unfortunately no, the problem still remain, i'm desperate 😭
  3. Not a bad idea for the time being, but i think in some print with thin walls could lead to structural weakening in that point
  4. I wanted to reduce the printing time by removing all the unnecessary travel moves and make them pass inside the infill lines, because when finished, the print will be inaccessible inside and some times all those travel moves create inside it little debris that you can hear while shaking it.
  5. Every option you said was already good but the problem still persist, this happen with all my prints AC_Part1.3mf
  6. I'm really strugling to eliminate travel lines inside this print and really don't undestand why, the combing mode is active and the printer head should travel inside the infill lines but this doesn't happen. AC_Part1.gcode Part1.STL
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