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  1. Cura is forcing skin edge support layers inside the small gap between walls. By means of example, if wall_thickness = .9 and line_width = 0.4, Cura is creating TYPE:SKIN G1 moves within the gap. How to fix? Following attempt to override in machine def.json failed... "overrides": { "skin_edge_support_layers": { "enabled": false } }
  2. Thanks, I seem to have figure it out. Have to match the IDs exactly and "hardware compatible">yes <machine> <machine_identifier manufacturer="my_name" product="my_machine_name" /> <hotend id="my_exturder_name"> <setting key="hardware compatible">yes</setting> </hotend> </machine>
  3. I'm setting up a new machine and want to add new materials so they are visible from the material pull-down menu. I've set up definition, extruder, and quality profiles for the new machine. The new material files which I created are visible from other machines (example Ultimaker S5) but not the new machine I created. Anything I'm missing?
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