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  1. Hi, Thanks for the response. I'll give the Arachne release a try but regarding "Optimize print order" that won't fix the problem as it just reverses the order of the first/last line per layer with respect to inward and outward overhangs as per my initial message. Cheers, Ed
  2. Thanks for your response. The wall is only two lines thick so both lines are regarded as outer walls I believe. In any case, the setting would have to change during the print as it switches between inward and outward overhangs. I've attached the project file. Much appreciated. CCR10_reservoir_short_thin.3mf
  3. Hi, I've been banging my head against a wall on this problem for a while so I think it's time to ask for some help :) I have a part which is effectively a flexible pipe with a thin-wall concertina profile to allow bending. This concertina overhangs out and then in as the part prints vertically. Each layer has two lines to form the 0.8mm wall section (layer height 0.3mm and layer width 0.4mm). I've got the printer settings dialed in well enough to cope with the overhang itself which is approx 55deg but the issue I'm having is that the slicer prints the outer line in each layer first. This works well when the overhang is an inward direction but doesn't work when the overhang is in an outward direction as the screenshot shows. Interestingly, if I change the 'Optimize Wall Printing Order' setting then it will reverse the order in which the layer lines print and print the inner line first. This fixes the outward overhang but ruins the inward overhang. What I think I need is the slicer to print the innermost layer first when overhanging outward and the outermost layer first when overhanging inwards. Is there any configuration for this? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. Ed
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