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  1. hi, i did try to remove the blue clip (in the image) and push the white collet (I think that is the collet u meant), but there I couldn't get any movement in the tube. Did I do something wrong and how can I fix the issue. I did pre heat it to 210°C and it's PLA 2 that is stuck inside the tube.
  2. I have a printer for a Ultimaker original and I want to change the filament but it is already past the extruder inside the tube and i cant get there with my hands so how do I can I get new filament in now (because I cant find anything that works for the ultimaker original)
  3. Ik heb een Ultimaker original en ik heb werkelijk geen idee hoe ik de oude filament er uit moet krijgen om er nieuwe in te kunnen doen. De filament zit er in voorbij de extruder en ik kom er niet meer bij.
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