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  1. Thank you very much for your help with this. That makes sense. I will start working to get those resolved.
  2. I just uploaded both of those files. I uploaded them before any scaling is done. So don't be surprised by the height. I would like to print this at 50%. Thanks Greg. CE3_Main_Bodymiddle v1.stl CE3_Main_Bodymiddle v1.3mf
  3. Yes it is really confusing me considering the empty areas move around depending on scale ratios. Even tried different exports of the same project, stl,obj, etc...
  4. I have an odd issue where random sections are missing in the preview whenever I scale my object. Original size is 320mm I scale down to 210 huge 10-12mm sections are missing, I scale it down to 150mm 5 mm sections are missing but different areas than the first. I scale it to Under 100mm everything is fine Using version 4.8. I appreciate this a complicated item but this is really odd. I have not actually tried printing it, I am assuming the preview is accurate. Thanks
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