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  1. I have fixed the issue. In the end I went to ASUS and updated my BIOS. I no longer have an error on my display adaptors and can now open/run Cura 🙂 I hope if anyone else has this issue can fix it the same way I did. Happy Printing!!
  2. Hi, I have an ASUS laptop running windows 10 (64bit) I have been using Cura on this laptop for a month now with no issues. Tonight I restarted my laptop. Assuming windows installed updates. I can no longer open Cura. I get "Could not probe OpenGL. This program requires OpenGL 2.0 or higher. Please check your video card drivers." I have uninstalled recent updates. I have updated my AMD graphics. I have tried running Cura in Windows 8,7 I still get this error. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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