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  1. Problem still persists. I Upgraded to the newest firmware and the error changed to ER59, but the cause does not seem to have changed. No one any ideas on this?
  2. Btw the removed PVA has pressure points like seen in the picture, but also breaks in other places
  3. Hi, I am fairly new to 3D Printing, and have so far done about 15 Prints with the Ultimaker. Every time I tried to print with PVA overnight, the next morning I found the Printer with Error ER61 and PVA stuck in the tubes. The Print finishes, but I have to clean out the pipes after every print which gets tedious. The used PVA is straight from the Package, so I don't think the material can be the Problem here. Because the print finishes, I suppose the problem is with the Material station when rolling up the unused Material. Also, after the print the Material doesn't get p
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