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  1. Greg , thank you for your response. Netfabb did not resolve my problem , nor any other similar website or software that repairs STLs . Not even IdeaMaker. I dont know what to do.. Maybe i should just learn how to design in Fusion360.. 😞
  2. Greetings to all the community. The problem that i am facing , has the do with Cura Slicer (or maybe my newbie level ) 😁😁 I have designed with tinkercad , a simple 75x55 mm sign , 4mm height , with some letters of 1.5 mm height , on it. When i slice the file , for some unknown reason, the software starts to design parts of the letters , before the final surface of the sign is completed. I tried to print the file, and i get a lot of scars. I have searched into cura settings and the problem gets less , if i turn infill into 100 or when i change wall number to 6 or higher
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