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  1. Hi All, I thought I would give an update of my PP print. So after it was suggested to try the Magigoo PP, this has worked perfectly. Great adhesion achieved with a slight bit of warp but nothing excessive. The only notable issue is there was a fair bit of stringing. The outer surfaces of the part are pretty good even when using the 0.2 Draft profile. The internal bore was quite rough with 'blobs'. I used some sand paper to clean this up as best I can. I don't think this will have much effect on the finished application - more a visual/aesthetic thing. Is this
  2. Thanks for tip regarding the Kapton tape, I'll have a look at this. I did look at the How-to before printing but obviously ignored the glue part of it! I have been using glue with most of my tough PLA prints. Do you ever change temperature settings when printing PP or do you just use the recommended?
  3. I like the sound of this. Any issues encountered when using this method or tips?
  4. Hi All, First post. I'm trying to print for the first time using Ultimaker Polyprop. The issue I'm having is the print warping. My first attempt, it printed about half of the part and then must have moved causing offset. I didn't use any glue on this attempt. My second attempt, I used glue on the build plate but this also warped and subsequently moved whilst printing. Anyone have any ideas as to what I can try? Attached image of part. OD Ø114mm x 94mm high Machine is a S5 with AirManager. Settings used are UM recomme
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