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  1. Regarding bricking, is there no "validation"/"linter" tool for making sure the changes to the code doesn't brick it, or at least reduce the chances of that happening? Regarding firmware, I'm fine with that, but will Ultimaker still rollout firmware updates for the UM3? My impression was they won't given they've discontinued the model.
  2. Every now and then I want to immediately cancel a print I've just sent from Cura to the printer (e.g. wrong config, wrong model, etc.). I can abort the print from Cura, but for me to be able to print a new one, I have to walk to my printer which is in another room just to select "No" on the printer when it asks if I want to "retry" the aborted print. Is there a way to disable this prompt, or perhaps answer the prompt via Cura or the cloud? I have a UM3. I tried googling but my keywords are too common (cancel, retry, restart, aborted, etc.). I have some background with programming/networking (though not with printers), so feel free to suggest solutions even if it requires me to SSH into the printer and edit some config files. EDIT: Just now I remembered the printer has an API. There's a "PUT /print_job/state" but I think that only aborts/pauses the current print job, but doesn't affect the prompt. Is there another endpoint I can use?
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