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  1. Just an update: I've done a Windows 10 In-place Upgrade using Microsoft Media Creation Tool. It did not fix the problem. I'm not saying it's a problem with Cura. I just want to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue and hopefully we can find a solution. I actually believe it's Windows fault.
  2. ok. this problem didn't happen initially when I started using Cura a week ago. it only started when I opened the profile menu to try and save a cusom profile. that's when it took about 10 minutes to unfreeze and since then every time I tried loading Cura, even version 4.8, I had this issue. Removing Cura and reinstalling it didn't solve the problem. I then created a new windows user and Cura opened quickly for that windows user, just like it did with my original windows user when I initally started using cura. The moment I tried to open the profiles menu (i.e., th
  3. Then how can we try to figure out why Cura does try to write to that folder? Is there a setting somewhere? Can this be brought to the developers attention?
  4. This solved it. Seems odd though. I believe this is not a common problem, otherwise it wouldn't be required.
  5. it doesn't load anymore. just stuck on the splash screen logo LOADING UI
  6. If I go to the manage profile menu, the app with crash: Using up to date Windows 10. Cura 4.9.1
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