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  1. Thanks dude, I didn't realize the model was flatter than the initial line setting 😄 Learned a lot today. Been up 19 hours straight constantly 3D printing and testing and learning...
  2. Hi, same issue here, Bed Level Test by xx77Chris77xx - Thingiverse It's a simple bed leveling test. It will stay greyed out after slice, and will print nothing. This is with both "thin walls" and "surface mode" checked. So there must be yet another setting somewhere that prevents this?
  3. Aye up, thank you for this I will try that in about an hour, printing a BLtouch bracket atm...
  4. Hi wonderful people, I just bought the Creality Ender 5 Pro (got a good deal) for my first ever 3d printer. I've managed to print out some ready made gcode to verify the hardware is all good, I've got clean prints. Now I found Thingiverse and trying to print this simple Pepe frog model, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:735928 I load it into Cura 4.11.0, I got a basic PLA profile, I slice, and this is what I get in the preview (attached image). So it prints the brim and the eyes, but all the greyed out lines in the preview do not print. I have loaded up other models too, many of them do the same, just greyed out after slicing. What is going on? This is probably something simple, as I am totally new, but I been googling for hours about Cura greyed out this and that and haven't found a solution. Feels bad man. Please someone throw me a bone..
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