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  1. I have been attempting to get CuraEngine running from the command line in order to use an interactive python script with it through the subprocess import that python has. I call the directory that Ultimaker Cura is in, then type in the argument: CuraEngine slice -v -p -j C:/Users/blv/Cura/resources/definitions/ultimaker2.def.json -o C:\Users\blv\Desktop\200_stars.gcode -l C:\Users\blv\Desktop\stl files\200_stars.stl I get the output file 200_stars.gcode, but when I open it, its completely empty! There are errors/warnings that pop up within the command prompt, which state: [WARNING] JSON setting zig_zaggify_support has no default_value! [ERROR] Couldn't find definition file with ID: ultimaker2_extruder_0 [ERROR] Couldn't open JSON file: [WARNING] JSON setting machine_end_gcode has no default_value! [WARNING] Unrecognized data type in JSON setting machine_head_with_fans_polygon [WARNING] Unable to recognize the extension of the file. Currently only .stl and .STL are supported.[ERROR] Failed to load model: C:\Users\blv\Desktop\stl. (error number 0) I believe that the empty GCode output is a result of the JSON file not being read properly, but I do not know how to get it to open and read correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I apologize first if this is a super basic question to most, I am currently a computer science student in my last semester before an associate's degree with little knowledge with the command line and python download environments. I also primarily work with Java but have an internship using Python. I have written a program that is able to take a GCode file and convert it into an SBP file with a python script through a click of a button within a GUI. I have now been tasked with taking in an STL file and using a slicer (Cura) to convert that file into GCode. I am currently trying to get the CuraEngine (without Cura) to work VIA command line in order to use the subprocess library within Python to do all of theses conversions within my personal GUI. However, the wiki on downloading CuraEngine isn't helping much. I have been able to achieve installing and building the CuraEngine release, but cannot activate the Conan run environment through the walkthrough of the wiki (https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine/wiki/Building-CuraEngine-From-Source). I am getting the error that the pathway (\build\generators\conanrun.sh) is not a recognized internal/external command, operable program, or batch file. When looking up the files within the generators folder, the conanrun file is actually an extension of .bat (conanrun.bat). So a few questions I have: What do I do to get the CuraEngine running on the command line at this point? Would it be easier to just download/run the entire Cura application through the source? I've noticed a lot of others have done that, but I don't want the GUI that goes along with it. I've also had trouble downloading the Cura application from the command line, with ERROR: pynest2d/5.3.0-alpha+testing_0@ultimaker/testing: Error in generate() method showing up in the install. As an extension of the above question, it seems the build instructions for CuraEngine has had a lot of complaints from others. As a result, is there a better way to get a slicer engine to work through a self-made GUI? Either from the command line or another way. Thank you in advance for the help! Also, I did post this question on StackEchange.com and StackOverflow.com as well, incase you run into it there.
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