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  1. Hi MariMakes, It isn't like that. Despite being coincidental to the use of the lay flat function, the problem is totally different. In fact, the model did not change orientation after the lay flat function operation. It seemed flat to begin with and nothing visibly changed except the ability to rotate the whole model around the z axis. I am attaching the stl file, but I don't think it will help because I re-extracted a fresh version of the stl file thinking that the first version had been corrupted, but the problem persisted right from the start without using lay flat the second time around. It seems like the only fix would be to re-install Cura, but I don't yet know if it's worth the trouble. I ended up slicing the model and printing with success without the minor mod that would have been possible if I had been able to rotate as desired. Obviously, you know waaaayyyy more about this than I do, so fingers crossed that you will see a simple tweak. Thanks for trying to help!! FWIW, I searched as best I could for similar situation on the web, to no avail. I am new to this stuff, so if I'm using the wrong terminology, please feel free to correct me :-) octopus.stl MSMV1_octopus2.gcode
  2. When trying to slice the mini octopus (which is proving to be the bane of my 3d printing experience,) I previously was able to rotate the entire model, tentacles and all. Then, after clicking the "lay flat" icon, only the head rotates and the tentacles do not. Thinking that I had corrupted the file, I closed Cura, deleted the file and re-extracted a new copy from the zip file. Little sucker is still auditioning for a part in The Exorcist! The head is not visibly separated from the tentacles, so how do I make the model be have as one entity again? If I rotate it a bit, I don't have to scale down to fit my tiny print bed on my Monoprice Select Mini, which is really important because the tips of the tentacles are already pretty stinkin' small to begin with. Edit- Should have also mentioned that the model rotates as a whole around the x and y axes, the strange behavior is when rotating around z.
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