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  1. Thank you @MariMakes I am going to give this a try, I set a brim offset .3 (1/2 my nozzle distance) and go from there. I was also thinking of doing the prints individually but I wouldn't get the desired effect as printing all at once with a gradient filament. the screens shots: 1- 0.3mm offset brim, 2- Single part Skirt 0mm offset, 3- 5 stls printed individually (slices with an individual brim for each as you can see). It seems as though the coding is most likely there already but it the offset brim comes off as easy as the individual print with the skirt then I believe you have given me a work around. I'll keep you posted!
  2. I have several printers and like to use wide skirts for my parts. However when I do a lot of parts all at once I obviously don't get skirts on all the parts I am printing. Skirts reduce my post processing a long compared to brim. I was just curious if it was possible to add a feature that would put a skirt around each individual part on the bed? Thanks, Jared
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