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  1. Hi I'm having trouble with my slicer I think I messed up the setting to the point where even the combing and retracting distance aren't working I really need help or if anyone knows how to fully rest the software that would help I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn't fix the problem I also tried other advice and so far none of them work I pretty sure it might be a corrupt file because the photos I post are of the models I used before the problem started
  2. I'm having the same problem as well and this is on the newest version
  3. hi I'm having stringing problems with my slicer it wasn't like this before last time I printed it was showing not stringing with the default setting then when tried using it again on a different project it started stringing again I tried adjusting the travel settings and combing but it still showed string so I opened the last print I made and sliced it with the exact same setting as last time but it showed stringing could this be a software problem?
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