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  1. Hi! If you are close to Vienna/Austria, please note that there will be monthly 3d printer meetings at Museumsquartier Wien. More info at http://reprap-wien.org/. There will be hopefully 2.5 Ultimakers, and other printers. Bring your own printer! greetings, bernhard
  2. Hallo! Ich stampfe grad eine 3d druck community in Wien aus dem Boden. Wir treffen uns monatlich im Musemsquartier/Quartier 21/Raum D. Sehr nette location. Würde mich freuen, falls noch mehr Ulimaker vorbeikommen. http://reprap-wien.org/ lg, Bernhard Kubicek (e.g. Ulticontroller/Marlin Firmware)
  3. you have to solder in a resistor on the ultimaker pcb, very close to the temperature connectors. IIRC 4.7k, but look at the eagle files. Its basically a resistor divider network. Also, you need to change the configuration of your firmware.
  4. there is no m302, and the M301 is very off, usually you have p=25+-10. Please be aware that the PID values are not compatible to previous ones. If you used eeprom, please reset your eeprom to the default, and safe then to epprom to have the new default values also after a reboot.
  5. It is a beta, we need people who know what they are doing to use it and giving us useful notifications of errors.But its probably more stable than any previous verisions of Marlin. PID controls the temperature accurately (if good PID values are set, that might vary from machine to machine), I achieved +-0.2° with personaly tuned values while in print. Currently, you probably have +-7° variations with sprinter. With the 5D, usually you get 15° less than the set temperature. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PID_controller
  6. Hi! Erik van der Zalm and me worked together and have released a public beta of Marlin v1.0.0. It has all the features I had in my fork, plus many more things. See the readme.md on github. We made a tag, so you can download it easily here, without git or anything: https://github.com/ErikZalm/Marlin/tags Please be aware that the master branch is a very different one than the Marlin_v1 branch that you want. The new features are listed in the readme, at the bottom of this page: https://github.com/ErikZalm/Marlin/tree/Marlin_v1 The configuration file has changed a bit, you may or may not w
  7. Testing for a valid max-velocity for a given acceleration is not enought. We also need to test for the ability to do jerk-velocity jumps. I would recommend the following: homing to a corner. doing quasi-half-circles (small line segments, with the abs(delta velocity)==vxyjerk) from the corner until you hit the axis which has the center on it again. Then back. Also, I would opt for a binary search. And, acceleration should be set. However, I am curently more on the idea of EvdZ. He proposed to do this on the host side. The firmware should sent back the location where the end-stop is triggered
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