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  1. Thanks! I'll try that next print. Ultimaker + Cura. I don't think it gets any easier than this. I've tried using a Leapfrog and its slicing software, and it takes FOREVER, if it finishes at all! The printer, however, seems reliable enough. One day I'll try to figure out how to get Cura to talk to it.
  2. My 5-yr old UMO is still awesome, and the prints are strong and virtually flawless, but I've noticed something with the infill. This print uses 20% infill but you can see gaps at the cross-hatch junctions. The seem to form on the far side of the line of motion, like the perpendicular wall wiped all the filament away and it takes a millisecond to re-emerge. I'm no Guru when it comes to tweaking the settings, so there may be something to be done about that. But I think if Cura could alternate the infill direction every layer, these gaps would disappear, or at least be minimized, making the p
  3. I've noticed that the grid created by the infill pattern is locked to the y axis wall in such a way that it shifts if the wall isn't vertical, creating a distorted grid on the interior of a printed object. I would like to see the infill align to a fixed point through all layers, to give added strength to the object. By the way, I think Cura + Ultimaker is amazing! From my first print about a year ago till today, I have to say, fantastic work!
  4. Sometimes. I realize that the arduino and some lights are powered from the usb. The problem is definitely the switch. The 19V power stays on continually unless I unplug it. The switch doesn't even feel like its working, ie. I don't feel a "click" when I switch it anymore. Someone replied to this problem a couple of months ago, but I lost the message. I think it has to do with how the switch is mounted on the board or something.
  5. I'm a somewhat new Ultimaker owner, and while I was waiting for my machine to arrive (and reading about all the problems people were having on the Google group), I posed the question: How many Ultimaker owners are happily printing away, rather than having a ton of problems? Well, I recieved my machine and assembled it (http://www.all1word.com/ultimaker/) and after installing Cura I am proud to announce that I am of the former group, happily printing piece after piece (over 100 so far). Not without failures, of course, but certainly acceptable performance, given the state of the technology. I
  6. That looks a lot like some of my failed prints. My prints fail when the extruder chews away or breaks the filament. I've bumped up the temp to allow the PLA to flow better, about 5C at a time, and closely monitored the feed while I'm printing, adjusting the tensioning screw as necesssary. This has given me about a 80% sucess rate, with the occasional fail from unknown causes, probably filament inconsistency.
  7. After using my Ultimaker for the first couple of times, the power switch failed to disconnet power. I deceded to fix this later, as I could disconnect power by unplugging the power supply. Well, later is now, and I want to fix the switch. Any recommendations for replacement switches, or other ideas?
  8. RaeShap, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. Absolutely! I'll print for free (as long as they're not huge), assuming you're not already printing with yours.
  9. Actually I think it was due to sitting idle for a couple of weeks. The belts seemed to assume a static shape, but after a few runs, it's working great! I did tighten all the belts, though. Software was not the problem.
  10. First, let me say that I'm very impressed with Cura. Well done, Daid! I'm finally printing recognizable objects with my Ultimaker! This machine is stellar! The only problem I'm having is with the infill not connecting with the walls. I printed this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:20895. Notice the gap along the long sraight area. The infill seems to be offset in places, but connects solidly in others. Overall It was a very solid piece, but I'd like it to have more overlap. I've increased the feedrate (by understating the filiment diameter) with some sucess, but I don't feel this is a good
  11. I attempted to print for the first time tonight, and the same thing just happened to me, except on a fully functional Ultimaker. Any resolution to this? I bet it's something simple.
  12. I live in Everett, just North of Seattle. Too bad I didn't read your post before today. -Warren
  13. I had very good results painting mine with spray paint. I preassembled most of the multi-layer components, so paint buildup would not be an issue. Plus, the laser cut markings remained perfectly legible. The surface quality of the Krylon Hammerite paint I used depends a lot on temperature, humidity, spray direction, etc., but I was very happy with the results I got. See it here: www.all1word.com/ultimaker
  14. I finally put together a little page to describe my Ultimaker adventure here: http://www.all1word.com/ultimaker I've read questions from this forum and from the Google group, and I think I have some answers for a few. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, and maybe it will generate some ideas or answer your particular questions. -Warren Davis
  15. I know there's a nice little section in the wiki about painting, but I'd like to share my experience. My ultimaker came with the standard scorch marks from laser cutting, which are cool and actually smell really good, but it also had a significant amount of, for lack of a better term, I'll call "smoke damage". So I thought I'd paint it. I already studied how it goes together, so I really didn't need all the laser etchings. I spray primed it with Krylon, and then lightly sanded the primer coat with fine sandpaper to get rid of the bumps (just the wood grain). Perfect! And then I top-coated it
  16. I've used ultimachine.com and they seem pretty reasonable, with a fair selection of colors. I haven't printed anything yet, just got my kit today.
  17. I'm still waiting for my ultimaker... But when it arrives, I want to have the best chances of it working right out of the box (after assembly, of course). I've read the build guide at wiki.ultimaker.com, and I've also been following the conversations at ultimaker.googlegroups.com, which post frequent problems and possible solutions that some users are experiencing. So how current is the wiki with these newest developments? Is there a place to get the most current best advice for sucess for a new user, including the latest stable software and firmware, and the latest mechanical variations on
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