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  1. Hi, anyone encountered this problem before? i tried to load a large gcode to print in repG. like 40+ mb in size. so the first few times i was not able to load the file successfully as i was not aware of a limit in the file size that repG can take. on reading the forums, someone mentioned that it does not load file sizes more than 45mb. so it seems to be true. after that few attempts, my repG program does not show itself after i launched it. i checked the task manager, and it seems to be running, but i can't see the program interface. anyone knows how to resolve this? did i just damage the pr
  2. Hi, do you have the download link for PrintRun? I would like to give it a try. thanks.
  3. Hi, I have a similar problem too. Whenever I print direct from netfabb, the printing would stop halfway. I noticed that it can stop any time while printing. It happens half the time.. as a result, netfabb became my slicing software and i had to print from repG. So anyone has encountered any problem like this and managed to resolve the print stopping halfway? is it because of the inherent ability or limitation of the software?
  4. hmm i think you are right about the wood covering exerting too much force. because when i tried connecting with the wooden cover off, everything worked fine. with the cover on, the fan stopped working again.
  5. Is the darlington transistor that you were talking about circled in orange in the following image? Ultimaker_Original__Press_Kit.zip I noticed that there is a gap in the soldering for the transistor. I just want to confirm if that is the cause of the problem. Since i am a newbie in these matters of soldering, i don't want to mess up the PCB. Ultimaker 2 Press Kit.zip
  6. Hi, thanks for replying. Can you provide an image of the location of the transistor. I'm not too familiar with the electrical workings of it.
  7. Hi, happy new year to you guys. I have a ultimaker which shipped in september. I have noticed that the fan at the extruder head will work only intermediately when i was starting out on the machine. sometimes the fan spins, sometimes it does not. Now recently (in the month of december), the fan stopped working completely. Someone mentioned that it could be a electrical wiring problem. I have rewired and adjusted and jiggled the various wires, paying attention in particular to the one connecting the fan to the circuit board. But nothing seems to be working this time round. Anyone knows what cou
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