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  1. Hi all, Yes, the support for this hack has been discontinued. the best way to reproduce this would be to follow the initial post instruction and fetch the version of Marlin at the time of the post. Hope you'll have fun with Deuligne shield, it's a great interface to display manu information Have a nice evening, Alex
  2. When would it be available on the UM store? It's been announced for this week, and I'm growing impatient
  3. Bonjour, THSF: http://thsf.tetalab.org Qu’es aquò ? Pour faire court, une rencontre qui brasse des gens venant d’horizons culturels et techniques très divers, autour de l’utilisation créative des technologies, leur appropriation et la compréhension des enjeux qu’elles suscitent. When ? 27/28/29 Mai 2012 Where ? Tetalab / Mix'Art Myrys Toulouse / FR Et en plus long ça donne quoi ? A l’origine, il y a les hackerspaces, des laboratoires plus ou moins formels où tous ceux qui le désirent se regroupent sur des projets touchant à la science, aux technos, à l’art numérique et j’en passe. Ce ra
  4. Hi all, If some of you are using reddit, here is an Ultimaker subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/ultimaker Have fun Alex
  5. From our last 3d-printing-event in Toulouse, I made this 8 steps ready-to-print manual: 1. Download Arduino 1.0 - http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software 2. Dowload latest version of Marlin: https://github.com/ErikZalm/Marlin/zipball/Marlin_v1 3. Upload Marlin on Ultimaker arduino mega 2560 4. Download latest version of Cura: https://github.com/daid/Cura/downloads 5. Download a STL model from http://thingiverse.com 6. Open Cura (from start menu on Windows, or ./cura.sh in a Mac/Linux Terminal) 7. Load the STL model in Cura, let the default parameters and "slice to gcode" 8. Open Pron
  6. Salut à tous, Si vous êtes du côté de Toulouse, on organise toutes les 6 semaines un 3d-printing-event: http://3d-printing.tetalab.org Le dernier à eu lieu ce lundi chez Artilect: http://artilect.fr Le prochain aura lieu sur plusieurs jours du 25 au 27 mai pendant le Toulouse HackerSpace Festival: http://thsf.tetalab.org À bientôt Alex
  7. Certains de tes problèmes semblent liés à l'utilisation de ReplicatorG, je te conseillerai de passer sous Cura afin d'avoir la même config sur windows et mac: Tu peux télécharger Cura RC2 sur cette page: https://github.com/daid/Cura/wiki Puis utiliser pronterface pour contrôler l'imprimante et envoyer le gcode. Pour l'ABS, il te faut un plateau chauffant pour que le plastique colle au bed, sinon ça ne collera jamais (c'est un des avantages du PLA sur l'ABS). Le problème de décalage du Z vient probablement du start.gcode, normalement la config par défaut dans Cura fonctionne correctement.
  8. Hi all, Because we're planning to print ABS and fit an hotbed on our Ultimaker, we've recently bought a big roll (33m x 10cm) of polyimide tape. It's the perfect replacement for the blue tape, objects stick perfectly to the bed (on the original bed until we fit the MK2 hotbed), and they unstick without much force. I was pretty annoyed during my latest blue-tape printings to clean the tape from the object and put back a piece of tape on the bed. Maybe our UM was not well adjusted, but I can really see the difference now. Is anyone else using polyimide? Have you had any problem with this kin
  9. Hi Didero, Thanks for your feedback Unfortunatly, I'm still blocked on current issue compiling deuligne support on latest version of marlin. If you have any idea of where I could look, or if you could find someone to give me more advice about this issue, it might help for further investigation. You'll hear from it as soon as it's working properly Have a nice day, Alex
  10. Hi all, I've begin to re-implement the Deuligne on latest version of Marlin, the non-working code is available here: https://github.com/alx/Marlin You can follow the bug resolution on an issue made on official Marlin github: https://github.com/ErikZalm/Marlin/issues/26 Currently, I'm able to compile deuligne support inside Marlin, but once uploaded on the arduino, I'm unable to connect to the serial port. If some of you have some ideas of where to look, I'd be glad to test them I'll keep you informed about any progress, tomorrow night is our hackerspace meeting, and I might find some
  11. Hi Tristan, Now that I use the newest Marlin, I'll try to adapt on it the Deuligne lib from last deccember. Hopefully, I could spend some time trying to use current ultipanel lib, but reminders from last november tell me I won't be able to debug the compilation error. I'll give more details on this thread once I open arduino Have a nice day, and sorry for the delay, Alex
  12. You need to include Deuligne lib inside your arduino Library folder. This is Deuligne lib for Arduino 1.0: https://github.com/Snootlab/Deuligne/tree/Arduino-1.0
  13. Thanks ddurant, I've updated this line on the git repo and I'll try it soon.
  14. Hi all, I'm trying to optimize my alteration files, and I'd like to know how you've tuned it on your side. This is the alteration files I use with skeinforge 48 and Marlin_v1 firmware, they were found on Ultimaker wiki : http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Sprinter_firm ... _Ultimaker * start.gcode: https://raw.github.com/alx/skeinforge-dotfile/master/alterations/start.gcode (start of start.txt) M92 E926.5 (the number of extruder steps to take in 1mm of filament) G21 (metric values) G21 G21 (all the extra G21 commands are comments - skeinforge eats lines without a gcode) G21
  15. Hi all, I've begun the migration to Marlin_v1 here: https://github.com/alx/Marlin/tree/deuligne_v1/ But I've still got errors during the compilation of the code, I'll check this out soon: https://gist.github.com/1869656 Have a nice day, Alex
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