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  1. The "no output" problem goes away with wall thicknesses of 0.5 mm (with a 0.4 mm nozzle size). It actually generates very good geometry in these cases, but suffers from apparently random connections between LayerParts leading to unnecessary stringing.
  2. Does anyone know why the camera on my laptop turns on when the Cura print operation is started? It seems sort of creepy.Is there a way to turn it off or disable that code?
  3. A quick and dirty evaluation of the new Cura version. I didn't get too far. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwLvFzerHH6sZ3AydldlNnJZZGM/edit?usp=sharing
  4. I also had a very noisy fan, which I could quiet down with a knock on the inside of the base of the Ultimaker after a half minute or so. These instructions from coofercat worked for me, and it was so quiet I had to feel the shaft to see if it was turning - because the printhead fan is so noisy. Has anyone tried the regrease trick on the printhead fan?
  5. Hi, According to http://software.ultimaker.com/ the downloads are "special releases" of ReplicatorG. Would you provide the URL to your github fork of git://github.com/makerbot/ReplicatorG.git in order to do development against the current version. Is it git://github.com/Ultimaker/ReplicatorG ? Or have the significant changes already been incorporated into the ReplicatorG git?
  6. Further info... It seems that the object I'm trying to make might be the cause. It has a large number of short strokes at the beginning of the profile and this might be causing the hiccup.
  7. Hi, I'm consistently getting spots worn away on the filament where the bolt grinds the material away, and extrusion mostly stops. I have tried a few things http://derrickoswald.blogspot.com/2011/11/extruder-experimentation.html, like refastening the Bowden tube, and removing slack etc. but I have a new theory, based on how good it works after the print gets going. I think that when the print starts, the temperature control of the head stops, for the length of time start.txt takes or so, and then control resumes after that. So maybe it's my workflow that's at fault. Here's what I do. Start ReplicatorG and generate GCODE if necessary. Connect to the machine. Start the Control Panel. Set the target temperature to 260. (the current temperature will eventually be 11 degrees less that that). Use the X, Y and Z jog position to move the head to the start position. Zero the current position. Lower the bed 5 mm. Wait for the temperature to stabilize at 249 degrees. Raise the bed 5 mm. Close the Control Panel. Push the Build button. Watch the bed lower and the extrusion start going. Wipe off the excess plastic. Watch the bed raise and the print start. Within 30 seconds or less than a minutes, the first layer of plastic stops and the filament is stripped. Could it be that the firmware I'm running has a flaw that turns off the heater while the preamble is running? Here's the start.txt and print preamble: G21 (This is GCode, generated with Skeinforge version 35 from ReplicatorG) G21 (Ultimaker profile - Quality print from alterations/start.gcode) G21 (Metric: The unit is a millimeter) M18 (Disable motors for now, to allow manual moving of the head) G90 (Absolute positioning) G92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0 (set origin to current position) G91 (Relative positioning) G1 Z35.0 F400 (lower platform for cleaning nozzle) G92 E0 (zero the extruded length) G1 E260 F1000 (extrude some to get the flow going) G1 E-20 F3000 (reverse a little) G92 E0 (zero the extruded length) M1 (Clean the nozzle and press YES to continue...) G1 Z-1.0 F100 (rise platform again) G1 Z-34.0 F400 (rise platform again) G90 (Absolute positioning) G1 Z0.4 (Tool slightly above the platform) G92 Z0.4 E0 (zero the extruded length) G21 (end of start.txt) G90 G21 ;M103 M105 M106 M113 S1.0 ;M108 S58.87 M104 S245.0 ;M108 S61.81 G1 X-31.78 Y-31.79 Z0.3 F1620.0 ;M101 G1 X-31.78 Y38.01 Z0.3 F1620.0 E159.783 G1 X31.79 Y38.01 Z0.3 F1620.0 E305.305 G1 X31.79 Y-31.79 Z0.3 F1620.0 E465.088 G1 X-31.78 Y-31.79 Z0.3 F1620.0 E610.61 ;M103 G1 X9.9 Y-24.46 Z0.3 F2880.0 ;M101 Any ideas?
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