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  1. Hi, to confirm for others, on my first attempt with CURA (on a 'clean' vm of XP32), the Cura window just showed the status "Starting..." but (eventually) in the dos window I noticed several errors, with the last "WindowsError 14001" Downloading the 2008 redistributable and running that the allowed the GCode to build (quickly) Cheers
  2. Hi, yes I've already done it.. i had put the job off too long because i thought it would be hard. But (after warming the head first) it all came off in place and i used thread tape on reassembly. And, also re-tightend after it was hot. Thanks for the link though, also other bits in there for me concerning heat settings.
  3. Hi, I posted my feeder experiences in another thread.. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=601&p=7744#p7744 cheers
  4. Hi... i'm looking at this thread to resolve the head leak issue... But, i also had jamming issues... I notice the jamming seemed to be more frequent when printing near the rear of the bed.. for me, it seemed to be more that the resistance from the spool and the tube. I had bound the feed tube with the electrical cables going to the print head... when the print head moved to the rear of the bed it seemed the electricals were interfering with the 'natural' flex of the feed tube... I unbound them so the electrical cables dont interfere. Conversely, when the print head is farthest away from the spool feed, the angle out of the feed mechanism it too great - i found if i tilt the feed mechanism (by lifting it up and out f the bottom 'hooks' it would feed better at long range. I was going to figure out some king of hinge for the feed mechanism to allow it to follow the pull of the tube somewhat... but in the meantime i tend to print nearer the centre. Finally, I also noticed that the filament would tighten on the spool... when i make sure the filament is always loose on the spool (i always sit next to it while it's printing... rather it is next to my work station anyway). I have seen some designs for better spool rigs.. the wooden ones seem to have too much resistance... perhaps some plastic sheet as bushing may free up the rotation...? hope this may help some one... now back to pulling the head apart to fix the leaking.. Cheers
  5. Hi, it's a while since the last post.. hope it is sorted.... please log the result for others who may have the same issue... I did have a similar issue very soon after getting my UM going.... turned out I had not tightened the X motor screws properly, they worked loose, loosening the belt and slipping intermittently... :(
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