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  1. I tried this several times with repG, no success yet.
  2. My next print is clearly better, the problem is solved. But it stopped in the middle, due to extruder switched off maxT is reached. What happened, the connection at the extrusion head of the thermocouple was decoupled during printing, and overheated the system. Good it went down. But now ....another problem, none of the switches are working anymore ! T control is fine, motors are fine, but none of the switches. Kind of annoying. Any help? :-)
  3. Thank you that helped a lot. It turned out that the little piece of white plastic was mounted upside down. Therefore there is no (firm) grip at all at the filament. Stupid me :-)
  4. @Daid: - I agree that this is serious under extrusion, i did not use the SkeinPyPy yet, I was using repG after I upgraded the firmware. (I tried SkeinPyPy, I could check the SkeinPyPy settings, but was not able to find the executable to run the machine -linux version) - This tension knob how is it kept in place ? see photo I think I miss something if I turn the tension knob, the wooden/plastic part is not pushing the thread, it pushes the wooden/platic part out ...
  5. I have printed my first test objects All suggestions are welcomed. So, here are my prints, 0.3mm layers, infill 30-70%, PLA 250°C: - ReplicatorG with marlin firmware. - Firmware: Marlin generated with BuildMeMarlin (awesome work Daid!), default settings exept baudrate/endswitches Some problems: 1) Some times layers do not stick together. Too little material was extruded, filling factor not high enough ? I just sometimes had to push the filament a bit manually. I cannot yet figure out how the extruder motor mechanism is supposed to clamp the thread anyway. 2) At start the PLA does not stick to the blue tape. So ... way to go :-)
  6. - Do the motors get warm ? - Have you plugged in the motor wire in the motherboard ?
  7. I also checked if the Motherboard was giving any voltage to the white wires, Ii did not. (Voltmeter) I was using repG 33 for linux, I have installed v25 and heating works,we are getting closer now.
  8. So I followed your first link, created the software uploaded it, but is tells me: avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout EDIT: Restarted the ultimaker and ran the uploader again, this uploads the software And I can connect again with repG ! Thanks !! Still no heating nor movement in the feeding motor though, the rest works. So I have still work to do :-)
  9. As I am not able to connect, how can I change the firmware ? Where to set/check the baudrate in repG ? (WIN7 or Linux) Is there a way to get back to the initial firmware ?
  10. Can you point me to where I set this ? By the way what firmware is recommended ? Thanks, Peter
  11. Hello all, I was trying out some new firmware, and I am stuck. I was able to work with replicatorG and the motors do work, no heating nor extrusion. Then I tried out some newer firmware, but now I cannot connect anymore. It says: Attempting to reset RepRap (pulsing RTS) Unknown: **********HERE SOME STRANGE SYMBOLS Any help ? Thanks, Peter
  12. @Zmaster; You are right, I assembled it the wrong way. The fan is outside the fanduct anyway .
  13. Still it is not clear to me either, it looks as if you start moving the head the axes are parellel no ?
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