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  1. Yeah. I picked up a SD slot from Farnell along with some other stuff. Easy to solder on/off with a hot air gun. Crea ended up cancelling and refunding my order. I contacted my local distributor and they have promised to get one for me (but I'm still waiting for it).
  2. iGo3D shipped right after I ordered. Great service! CREA3D never got back to me. After a month without hearing anything, I emailed them and was offered a refund :-(
  3. I got my first Ultimaker in April 2012. Ever since that I've promoted the brand for it's brilliant machines and excellent service. I've given advice to libraries, schools and science museums across all of Norway to by an Ultimaker since it's "easier to maintain" and requires less maintenance than other machines. I don't know how many machines Ultimaker have sold based on this, but my guess would be at least 50 or maybe many more? I will never know, but the early adopters asked me for advice since I was visible in media promoting 3D printing. The shipping on spare parts were always expensive,
  4. @terryparadise You don't understand that spending an hour just to locate who has a spare part is an inconvenience? You don't understand that I find it clumsy to have to shop Italian websites when I don't speak Italian? (yup - one of the shops were in Italy, not in the UK as I thought) Earlier you could just go to the source (Ultimaker) and they would ship it right away. Now I have to figure out why CREA and iGo3D still have not shipped any of the parts I'm paying DHL shipping for. To me that's a MAJOR downgrade compared to actually having the parts today...
  5. Uh, oh.... "No shipping methods found for this country"? I'll message them on Twitter and see if it's possible. They have exactly that extra part that I need.
  6. Sure, but they do not have any spare parts in stock. They have to order them just like I do, so they're just making things take more time...
  7. @neotko I don't need screws and bolts. I needed: 2 x Heated bed kits 1 x Ulticontroller 2 x Thermocouples 1 x Bowden kit 1 x Fan kit All together, this is spare parts for 600 EUR and these all used to be in the Ultimaker web store.
  8. Thanks for replying @meduza, but it's still incredibly cumbersome. I know exactly what I need. All I want is to add the parts to a shopping cart and pay to get it delivered. I don't want to wait another day so I can call during business hours. I don't want to explain what parts I need to someone with limited experience. Based on former experience they're not capable of ordering the correct parts for Ultimaker Original since they've only ever sold UM2's. I don't enjoy to be forced to order through someone that don't have the parts, so they have to order them and then when they receive the pac
  9. Our hackerspace has 3 Ultimakers and tonight I was going to order a bunch of spare parts. That is however no longer possible? Is it true that I now have to "shop around" across the whole world, to find the spare parts I need? It's just incredibly much more convenient to buy this directly from Ultimaker. Why on earth am I forced to buy from resellers that don't have the parts I need?
  10. For this version, yes. Permanently? No. To be honest, I kinda forgot about that feature. If people really want / need this feature, I'll make sure it gets added back into 2.x While I love all those experimental features you can unlock, it actually looks like quite a bit has been forgotten in this version. For one, I can no longer add my custom RepRap printer? Whatever happened to that? I guess I'll just tell people to download the old version until that is added back in then?
  11. Forgot to post it here earlier, but we're kicking off the eleventh 3DP weekend at the Bitraf Hackerspace in Oslo tomorrow. Got a printer? Any printers are welcome along with our two in-house Ultimaker Original's More details here:
  12. The coming weekend we're kicking off our tenth 3D Printer Weekend at the Bitraf Hackerspace, downtown Oslo. If you're nearby, please drop by! In addition to the two Ultimaker Original's that are the hackerspace's main workhorses, there will be a good mix of other printers such as the BAM (BigAluMendel), Mendel90, TwoUp, Cube, Makerbot's, MakergearM2, Rostock plus, printrbot, Thing & more. This will also be the first weekend that our full-size CNC is operational, so with the X700 laser cutter it's a perfect opportunity to mod and fix your printer. Among the plans are a cutting a perman
  13. Just thought I'd tell that this weekend we're organizing our eight 3DP meetup at the Oslo Hackerspace Bitraf.no. If you're in the Oslo area, feel free to drop by! Bitraf has two Ultimaker Originals that are upgraded, but we'd love to see an Ultimaker 2 at the meetup as well! J
  14. I'm with UltiArjan. If UM looks back through both this forum and the Google group, you'll find that the extreme shipping prices for tiny spare parts are a recurring problem. Due to these, many UM's will stand un-repaired for a long time. It's simply too expensive unless a company is paying the bill. Say that I want to buy a new Nozzle. This will cost me €32 from Ultimaking Ltd. This in turn drives people to by fake Chinese nozzles on ebay at €3-4 a piece. If you (seemingly) can get 10 nozzles for the price of one (or pay just a tenth) then many will go for that. Ultimaker should look to Ada
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