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  1. Well, that is because in Marlin (https://github.com/AmedeeBulle/Marlin/blob/Marlin_UMO_Unified/Marlin/Configuration.h) it is configured to be 0.4 mm/s so that is 24mm/min.
  2. Hi, I want to use my Duet Wifi Controller Board for my modified Ultimaker original with a custom heatbed. I have been trying to configure the Duet according to the Marlin configuration and the X and Y axis work just fine. However, the Z-axis does not move to printplate at all. The sound it makes is pretty much the same as it is when it was working with the original Ultimaker Board. Here you can see my Motor configuration: ; DrivesM569 P0 S0 ; Drive 0 goes backwardsM569 P1 S1 ; Drive 1 goes forwardsM569 P2 S0 ; Drive 2 goes backwardsM569 P3 S1 ; Drive 3 goes forwardsM350 X32 Y32 E16 I0
  3. Well, both the drivers of the Y- and X-Axis have the voltage set to 0.5V. It seems to me that there is a problem with the Board. I'm not using the Ultiboard anymore, I've switched to RUMBA previously and with the old steppers at 1/16 stepps, it all just worked fine.
  4. Hi, Recently i hae modified my UMO with new Electronics and now i switched to DRV8825 stepper drivers. For X and Y i switched to 1/32 steps instead of original 1/16. For that i doubled the XY_STEPS in the Marlin Configuration. Now the Y-axis is working fine but the X-Axis isn't. When i try to move the X-Axis manually in OctoPrint, it steps quite short for 10mm and for 100mm it sometimes brings only a high pitched noise or it travels along the whole axis until it hits the end stop. I tried switching den Drivers from Y to X and changed the cabling. But the problem keeps ant the the Place where
  5. Alright I will search for that. But on my working board i cannot get the drv8825 to work eve with a new one that haven't put on the previous board. It first as working shortly o the x-axis, then i moved it to the y-axis and it didn't work. Moving it back to x didn't help, nothing going anymore. Fiddeling around with microstepping switches did not help, only sometimes could get loud noise from the motor but no movement st all. Nw I'm really rellay confused.
  6. Ok, got it running with the old stepper driver. Still can i somehow check if the DRV8825 stepper motor still work and how can i reset the defect Rumba board? Now it is running, scale is correct but after a short time printing it is starting to skip steps. Got to check that tomorrow.
  7. Awesome now everything went wrong. I could get the motors running ad the motor drivers got really hot, so i switched everything off. Now i cannot connect aymore to the board, the lower orange LD is continously flashing, reset it does not help. I can only connect shortly after reseting it but the console in Pronterface shows "Printer halted. Kill called.". Lukily i had another board that i planed for a second printer and with that everything except the motors work just fine. Then i tried with old stepper drivers, but still no luck, the motors do not react anymore.
  8. Well, that might be the issue. I've set the steps as you described it but i have the DRV8825. Need to check the settings for those then.
  9. Hi, I have changed my Ultimaker Original to use the Rumba Board which I had leing around and changed the extruder to E3D's V6. I then took the Ultimaker Marlin firmware and made the necessary changes. But now the printer does not center correctly when I try to print an object in the center and the scale of the print is only about 50% of that intended. I have checked the XY steps configuration in marlin and it is correct with the right values for the Ultimaker and i have not made any changes on the belts wathsoever. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks.
  10. Hi Torgeir, Thanks for the info, i^ll gonna check that. For now I've set the wait time for M109 from 10 to 5 and it works so far. The only issue now is that it prints half the intended size. The steps per units are correctly configured, but somehow the printer does not print the object in the center where it should be and as i said in half the size.
  11. I downloaded cura 2.1 and wanted to print with colofabb xt so i chose the CPE material. Now the printer does not start printing beacuse the extruder temperature always fluctuates between 240°C to 258°C back and forth. I tried to modify the machine settings extruder_heatup_speed and extruder_cooldown_speed, but this did not help. Note that i upgraded my Ultimaker Original shortly with the E3D V6 with the PT100 and yesterday with an aluminium heatbed. Before the heatbed and with the old curra i could print even though then it was fluctaing as well. What could be the issue here?
  12. Hi, I've upgraded the electronics board to 24v by switching out the voltage regulator with the RECOM R-78C12-1.0. Even though i have previously implemented the fix neccessary for the UltiController with the wire going from Vin to the 12V fan+, the Arduino and the Ulticontroller nor the cooling fan for the electronics are not being powered. When i connect the Ultimaker via USB everything works fine and i can control all the motors. When i remove the 24V power the controller and the fan stil run, but I'm not able to control any of the motors. What could be the problem here?
  13. Hi, It is the first time i wanted to slice a self made 3d model in Cura. It was an OBJ imported into Netfabb and then exported as STL. The object was modeled in Maya and is therefore hollow. Now the outer shell on one side does not get filled and leaves a hole in the object. See: What do i need to to solve that?
  14. Hi, Somehow quite funny, i have been successfully printig many hours lately and now suddenly with one part i got a problem, because the first time the V3 extruder bolt cut into the filament. After that i wanted to restart the print, and even though the print head is aligned to the platform when i home it, when the print starts it lowers the platform and moves it up again but now leaves quite a space between the hot-end and the platform. I have been using Cura 12.07 and changed just now to 12.08. Anyway, i never had such a problem.What could that be?
  15. So, has anybody now done it with a single Power supply? I just can not get to like having a second power supply, because i already hate all the cables hanging around. The Video Benrhard Kubicek as posted on the wiki : shows a quite nice, long and small power supply that could fit under the Ultimaker. It is stated that it is 300W at 24V and that on the video you see the additional suicide print. So i think there is nothing to be changed between the power supply's output and the Ultimaker Board. Am I right here? The one thing i'm wondering is what power supply that is on the video, or where
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