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  1. No problem you have exactly the same idea as me now I have to devlope the slicing not the easy part
  2. thanks I am going to have a closer look to this
  3. the problem is I am not working with traditional layers. my layers could be 1 mm at one point and 2 mm at an other with a variation of extrusion between those two point. I searching for a new way of calcul without using some plug in. I am more looking for mathematical calcul the slicing software are using thanks every one for thoose information
  4. if I am right I find this formula (Size of the filament X length of filament input) / Size of the nozzle = length of filament output
  5. what I understand of the gcode is that he give an extrusion lenght , a speed and two point in the space and the goal of the machine is to extrude the lenght and to move from one point to the other with the speed define. So I think I am going to be able to synchronize the movement with the extrusion ? Am I wrong ?
  6. Yes this is this type of information i am looking for I am also looking for the amount of material I need to extrude when I flatten some new material on a layer already extrude for exemple if i want to extrude 1 mm height or 0.5 mm height is this is going to change width of my extrusion. when you print a layer, the extrusion is flatten on the older layer. I don't really understand how to calculate the shape the extrusion is going to take when you flatten it on a new surface. It seems to be different than filament on top of other filament (the extrusion is not round but more some kind of oval)
  7. hello I am an ultimaker 1 user and I am working on a new way of 3d printing on a robot arm support. I am looking for some information about the relation between the size of the noze the amount of plastic extrude, the speed , the retraction and the distance between the layer. how I can define some strategy to slice some model with different plane not just z axe. My biggest problem is to understand how much plastic I had to extrude to fill a specific amount. If you had any mathematical formula or test or files I can read to understand this I would be very happy thanks and sorry for my poor english
  8. hello I have an ultimaker 1 with out hot bed. I wandering what is the best betwee a cross flow fan and a double fan near the extruder? do you know how to buy cheap fan and how to mount them with the conectic ? thanks for the cross flow devlopement it look amasing
  9. Thanks I fix it , it was the socket adaptator problem good printing
  10. hello I bring my ultimaker from France to England and the power supply is not working any-more. do you think that would be because of the adaptor from European to English socket ? when I connect the power supply to the socket no green light and went I connect it to the ultimaker a green light appear but the on off don't make the ultimaker work. my ultimaker can be connect with usb ( blue light from the extruder) but not working. If you have some answer ... thanks for reading
  11. nice can you give me more information about the connection like photos ? I am not sure how to do ... connect directly the to new conector red on the red of the plug and the two black on the black plug ?
  12. It is because I only have the connector selling wise the basic ultimaker, so I have to create a derivation to connect the two fan in the same plug. that is why i am wondering if i have to buy two fan witch need lees energies but I think that two fan of 12V 0,10 Am in derivation will plug white-out problem of energies ...
  13. cool and how do you connect both of them to the connector ? I have to change the V or the Am of the fan ?
  14. I have finde tow diferente kind which one is the best for the hack ? - http://www.reprap-france.com/31-ventilateur-4x4cm.html - http://www.reprap-france.com/32-ventilateur-6cm.html
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