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  1. just got done with a project for a friends birthday a geometrical lamp. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:34903
  2. Here is a city Ive created personally and printed in miniature (see lighter for reference) I'm really wondering what happened to some of the buildings (pic 1). Is it too much plastic or out of alignment? I recently lost a screw on the part that hods the best to the rod which honestly i have no clue what it is called! (pic 2) Can i buy one at the local hardware store or do i have to order another and if i can get one at the hardware store what size is it? The next thing is a picture of a dial mount i have for calibrating the print bed i think it looks really cool attached to the head (pic
  3. that fan thing is a turbine that you can attach to a dremel! here it is http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:13188 Im planning on adding a reducer and a tube so i can use it for dust removal
  4. Im starting to get good at printing! im so happy with print quality i just have to play with settings more to get better speed! here is some projects ive been working on. this one is going to be my next project!
  5. yah i actually received both the old one and the new extruder! i have 10mm between the washer and the printed part is that cool? Is there a ratio to speed and temperature? how does it affect print quality?
  6. cheers man! ill print out the skull bigger and up load the prints! but i found out im also having trouble with the extruder. Sometimes it feeds fine (see first picture) then other times it grinds! (second picture) is there anyway to fix this i have turned the screw on the back of the extruder as much as possible and it seems to not help much i feel like i have done something wrong in the assembly or something! (see third picture) i have heard people saying that see-through plastic requires more pressure but im not totally sure.
  7. its transparent green its a really weird color i think lol next im going to get a rainbow pack next from http://www.faberdashery.co.uk/ ive heard their PLA is really nice!
  8. i increased the temperature and now i got some perfect prints! so is it the faster you print the higher the temperature should be? ill post some more pics when this print is done!
  9. here are some of the first prints ive done i get this problem quite often im printing at 200c speed at 70mms, .1 layer, 100% fill and florians settings for retraction and dwindle is it ending up like this because of extruder slippage? or what? here is some successful ones though! the see through green is weird!
  10. damn my computer is really wierd i just tried one last time doing the exact same thing ive done 10 times and this time it worked! thanks for the help guys!
  11. Time is running down todays the last day i can use my girlfriends computer!! and im still totaly unable to install the driver!! i keep geting device cannot start (code 10) also i cant find any Prolific PL2303 windows driver on my system so i am pretty lost! i often have problems with drivers on this computer windows said that for 99$ they would get it running for me im almost tempted!!
  12. well the nice thing is that its not broken!! i just got it to work on my girlfriends Mac but theres no way in hell she will let me use it to print as much as i want.. it has to be the driver but i cant figure it out!! thanks for all the help so far!awesome software, now that ive been able to use it!
  13. now i have installed the audrino com port but it says device cannot start code 10 and the ultimaker is still registering as a usb!
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