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  1. Thanks for the reply, Kees, I'll try that later today. At the moment it's printing these (same Cura-settings), and they look perfectly okay to me. Nice straight walls, consistent z-resolution. Of course there are no changes in surface area in these layers, like in the previous prints.
  2. Does anyone know what causes these horizontal ridges, and how it's possible to reduce this effect? I printed these stands from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:106568. Very simple prints, no overhang, no retractions etc. Printed at 0.2 mm at low speed (outer shell only 20 mm/s), see Cura 14.06-settings screenshot. Some overhanging ridge appeared on the first print (left), mostly on the x-axis it seems. At first I thought the whole x-plane had shifted somewhat (slipping belt?), but it appears only at one side of the print. So with the second (mirrored) stand I rotated the print 90° to see if it was again mostly the x-axis. Seems to be the case. Also, it looks as if the z-resolution changes whenever there is a 'change' in the shape or total surface area of a layer, causing 'ridges' all over the print. If I were printing fast, it would probably be that previous layers had more cooling time. But does that still have such a big effect at low speed? You'd think there would be plenty of cooling time anyway. I'm using this fanduct btw: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:151061 Some more pics: I'd be grateful for some helpful tips to reduce these effects!
  3. Hmm, I've been happily printing with Cura_13.07-SupportTest1, but now I can't start it anymore. It just displays the splashscreen (have to kill pythonw.exe). The only way to start Cura again is after a reinstall, but only if I uninstalled it first or use a new folder. Just installing it over the previous install doesn't work. To reproduce: With a fresh Cura-install I open a simple 20x20x10mm cube-model and use the default profile. As soon as I set the shell thickness the same value as the nozzle size (0.4 mm), the rotate/scale/mirror-buttons disappear. I can still move the cube around, but Cura doesn't recalculate. When I change nozzle/shell it's alright again. But when I close Cura with nozzle/shell the same value, I can't start the program anymore and I have to reinstall. Here's the output.txt-file, it doesn't update itself when trying to start Cura btw: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7YMl_M1oJZ0LWFvejJxdXlIa2c/edit?usp=sharing Seems to be this: lineWidth = wallThickness / lineCount ZeroDivisionError: float division by zero -edit- Ah, Cura starts when I delete current_profile.ini Here's the evil current_profile.ini https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7YMl_M1oJZ0UzM3SkwyeVRVRU0/edit?usp=sharing
  4. - no iphone cases - no shopping trolley tokens - no intricate 3d-models that could never ever be printed with FDM Things I dislike the most about Thingiverse: all the 'noise', the dozens of iterations on the same design, too many useless notifications on the Dashboard. It's a bug in many social platforms: spamming users with too many things they don't want to see but have no option to control the amount of (or turn off completely). For instance, I dó want to see when a specific user posts a new design, but I do nót want to see when that user just likes or comments on a design. Often it's all or nothing, but I like my options more granular.
  5. Thanks for the advice I couldn't find any loose pulleys, but both short belts were touching the wood (squeeking too). So it put some washers between the motors and the wood. Seems to have helped! Buttons on testcube look fine now, also the wall-shells and infill are connected better than they were before. Now I'll go try the bigger original print, see if that's okay too
  6. Hmm, now the whole thing is askew... I guess I overdid it on one of the motors. :roll: Trial & error?
  7. Thanks for the quick reply! I just unscrewed both the x- and y-axis motors, pushed them down as hard as I could (sort of) and fastened the screws again. Hope the belts aren't too tight... I will try the print again now.
  8. Does anyone know what's happening here? The 'button' on the model gets stretched, and a hole in the model causes a long indentation. The preview in (latest) Cura looks okay though. Would this be hardware-related, something wrong with my printer (belts?) or is this a strange software-glitch?
  9. Okay, thanks for the reassurance! I guess I just didn't see the light blinking before
  10. Does anyone know if I should be worried when LED8 on the Arduino board is blinking red when printing? I just happened to notice this and I'm not sure if something is wrong or not. Usually red flashing lights are no good... The printer seems to printing alright though. Should I be worried, or did it always blink when heating, and I just never noticed before?
  11. http://software.ultimaker.com/index_.php/?show=all
  12. Manual placing gone?! I used that all the time! :shock: Why would I always want to print on the same piece of blue tape in the center? Now I'll have to reinstall an older version of Cura... *sigh* :(
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