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  1. Don't know if this is exactly the same as the normal horseshoe, but http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:22851 is what can be printed for the back quick connect, so it might work for the front as well.
  2. Start by manually pushing the filament up through the bowden tube until it stops moving any more. Now you take the lower assembly and turn it up until it is pressing against the filament. The black plastic bit on top of the main assembly should be at the top of its slot, and facing upwards. Press the lower assembly hard against the filament (you'll feel the spring pressing back against you) until you are able to push down (don't turn it, keep it facing up) the upper black plastic bit downward to lock the lower mechanism into place. Now turn that bit down. That is how the filament is installed.
  3. Hello all, Got my Ultimaker for Christmas and spent the next few days building it, taking my time. There were a few stumbling blocks such as one or two areas where the instructions could have been a little more clear, but i'm very happy with the outcome! I've built a Thing-o-matic in the past, and was disappointed about how much calibration I had to do in order to get a decent-looking print. So, I was thrilled when the first print out of my Ultimaker came out beautifully! Looking forward to future prints, and enjoying my new printer! Below is a picture of my first print, no cleanup done.
  4. For small prints I use a small thin painter's spatula. Just work it around the edges lifting gently and it comes off no problem.
  5. Hi everyone! Finished building my new Ultimaker yesterday after 3 days of fun labor (took my time, sanded every piece, built it lovingly). Got my first print off this morning and I'm very happy with the results. This is using the default "Normal" Cura settings. So happy I didn't have to fiddle with settings to get a decent print, like I had to do with a Thing-o-matic I helped build a year ago for a friend.
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