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  1. Me? Nope LePaul, it is the original print head, only the fan-duct is custom. Regards, Kees
  2. Thanks for the tips, Sigi. I picked up my spools this morning and am printing as I type, with your settings on my UM1. So far it looks good (just the 20mm testcube, scaled 2X. Regards, Kees
  3. I've made a working version... Fidgetcube from www.thingiverse.com, file "day147_fidgetcube_red.stl". Printed at 225 degrees 0.2 mm first Layer, rest 0.15mm wall/bottom/top 0.8 mm speed 30 mm/s, 1h45m print fan 25% in Cura, lowered to about 16% with UC during print. first part is print in timelapse, the actual working cube starts @3:20 mins. Regards, Kees
  4. Hi Daid, Thanks for all your hard work. Tried RC5 last night, because of the option to load a picture. Upon loading I had to type in my settings, tried to set to 180 mm width. I found out when typing, the numbers are displayed in the reverse order. so to get something at 80 mm wide, I have to type 08 to get the number 80.... Regards, Kees
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